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Hand-Tufted Design Carpet Cancun

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Hand-Tufted Design Carpet Cancun


  • Name : Cancun
  • Country : Korea
  • Material : BCF Nylon 100%
  • Color : Order Made
  • Size : Order Made
  • Production period : 3days
  • Two kinds of patterns that are recreated in three-dimensional manner
  • Cut & Loop and more attention to the combination of colors


Davinci carpet is manufacturing production with luxury of Hand-Tufted Carpet & Rugs.
Our Company owns production plants, more than 10 years top engineers with experience in carpet manufacturing Carefully to produce the product.

To establish its own production system, from yarn dyeing development, Best products with distinctive designs ranging only
We supply producs to companies in various sectors.

We are supplies Carpet & Rugs to Such as interior, furniture manufacturers anc display makers
With partners in various fields through constant product development growing together.

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